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Caring, Reliable Service for Nearly 100 years

We provide comprehensive prescription, medical supply, and nutritional formula services . We do the paperwork for authorizations that most chain pharmacies will not. Whether it is solving an insurance issue or stocking a specliaty product, we are able to resolve the unique issues that confront our nurses, doctors, and patients. Frequently, we are told "I've tried everywhere and no one was able to help." Our response is "Why waste your time, call us first." We are a solution oriented pharmacy that can meet most of your health care needs. Our work begins where other pharmacies stop. California Children's Services nurses frequently call us whenever there is an issue with a patient's local pharmacy. Our experience in offline billing and EPSDT claims usually makes us the last resort and definitive answer to whether a medication or medical supply item will be reimbursable. 


The chain pharmacies disregard the difficult cases in the interest of efficiency.  Authorizations and Compounding require time, and sometimes presistence.  We welcome the challenge and effectively try to resolve them.  Today we have become an integral part of the health care network that provides care for pediatric nephrology, neurology, rheumatology, transplant, endocrine, and metabolic disorders patients. 


It's common for us to dispense discharge medications to a newborn and continue servicing their prescription and medical supply needs into adulthood. 


-Thomas Liautaud, President, PIC 


California Medical Pharmacy

California Medical Pharmacy, compounding, specialty foods for metabolic disorders, low protein foods, overnight deliveries

HQAA Accredited thru 8/23/2015 for DME/HME

Electronic Patient Information is protected and stored off-site in secure databases. All online communcation complies with OBRA statues. 

  • Compounding for pediatric and adults patients

  • Online Forms for Certification of Medical Necessity that can be filled out and transmitted electronically

  • Medical Supplies and DME equipment

  • Custom fitting and evaluation for medical equipmentby certified ATP personnel

  • Pharmacists are certified Medication Therapy Management (MTM)  providers

  • Experienced billing department, experts in authorizations and non-formulary claims

  • One of the largest suppliers of Metabolic foods, dietary supplements, and amino acid supplementsin California

  • Automatic monthly refills with signed consent form. For English click here and Spanish click here        

  • Delivery Anywhere! Overnight deliveries throughout California



California Medical Pharmacy
California Medical Pharmacy

California Medical Pharmacy

California Medical Pharmacy

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